Special Birthday Party Note

Birthday Parties include Juggling, Kids Magic, Balloon-Twisting, Face-Painting, and a game with prizes! Switching these around in custom fashion can be done to a certain extent. The main issue is usually the number of children at the party since some parties have 5 children while others have 50. There is no change in the fee per the number of children, since all fees simply go by an hourly rate. Rule of thumb when trying to decide what Flippo can do for you in your alotted time frame is to simply figure on 1 balloon sculpture per minute, AND 3 minutes per face being painted.

One example being: The 1-hour party with 20 kids (the average). The keyboard skit is 5 minutes. The Juggling Antics with the Kids Magic Show is typically 30-35 minutes, thus leaving 20 minutes for 20 children getting Balloon Sculptures!

Another example being: The 1 and Ĺ hour party with 15 kids. Keyboard skit (5 minutes), Juggling Antics with Magic Show (30 minutes), 15 Balloon Sculptures (15 minutes), and the choice of Face-Painting (15 times 3 minutes per face = 45 minutes) Total would be 95 minutes; therefore Juggling Antics and Magic Show shortened to 25 minutes. Total would then be the 90 minute time frame.

And a 3rd example: The 2-hour party with 20 kids. Keyboard skit (5 minutes), Juggling Antics with Magic Show (30 minutes), 20 Balloon Sculptures (20 minutes), Game with prizes (15 minutes), and lastly 20 Faces Painted in an attempted 50 minutes (instead of 60) totalling the alotted 120 minutes total.

As you can see, Flippo canít tell EXACTLY what can be done until he sees the ACTUAL NUMBER OF CHILDREN IN ATTENDANCE. At this point, he inquires as to which services are FAVORED and works accordingly. 5,000 Birthday Parties, since 1989, has given Flippo ample experience to make everyone happy, and he Promises TO DO JUST THAT!!

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