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Larry has done it again! Oh, please read on..........
Are you in touch with the "vibes" at work? Do you feel that relations between your co-workers and/or customers could use some improvement? I'll put my money on "YES!", not just regarding YOUR workplace but the majority of workplaces throughout the country. The reason why, is simple. These places are full of human beings, all who are, in fact, imperfect. The clashing of beliefs, values, opinions, personalities, and the like often times present an equation of stress, discomfort, and unease.

Motivation, in general, can be lacking for many reasons, however, to call in your standard Motivational Speaker to uplift the spirits of staff through purely verbal methods can spell frustration, close-mindedness, and boredom.
Think about it!

The only positive thing to come from one of these speeches,interactions from the staff's point of view, is an added surprise break from the humdrum workday already in progress.
I've developed something totally unique! It's a form of communication that is understood, appreciated greatly, and remembered with a lasting impression! The proof is in the pudding and 8 consecutive standing ovasions have offered me quite a fine start to something truly beneficial in the line of "Customer Service". Its title:

The Customer Service Motivational Jug-A-Log (NOT Dialogue,.....Jug-A-Log!)
Through the Art of Juggling (and some Magic thrown in for good measure?), a messege has been captured and portrayed; useful to literally EVERY employee EVERY Where! It reaches everyone in a Gigantic way in the form of highly unexpected, positively-viewed entertainment! The messege is one of logic, empathy, patience, tolerance, compassion, generosity, etc. These qualities obviously can be utilized in any business from hospitals to schools to You name it! Any place where people have to deal with people and true diversity can benefit.

The Juggling and the Magic are fun! The messege is clear and interpreted and retained through a totally upbeat medium never before witnessed!

See Video clip and YOU be the Judge!

Could your business use a higher level of understanding between its co-workers and customers?

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"I would like to express my appreciation for an entertaining performance that not only communicated the message of change and defined quality customer service but communicated AdCare's message with humor and innovation. You  took the message of the AdCare's Standards of Excellence and created a jug-a-loge  (dialogue) that drew our employees in and left them thinking about Respect, Confidentiality, Communication, Acknowledgement, Accountability, Empathy, Attitude and how we as a company can improve. Thank you for being a steward of AdCare's message to provide quality customer service to our patient, each other and our family and friends."

Joan Bertrand,
Human Resources, Adcare Hospital
Worcester, MA


"Our staff really enjoyed his Juggling (Jug-A-Log) and Magic tricks as well as his balloon sculptures. He kept them entertained and interacted with them as well".

Christine F,
Mass General Hospital Registration and Referral Center, Partners HealthCare System
Medford, MA


"Thanks to everyone who helpedflippo-edinburg
make The Edinburg Center's Third Annual Rock Into Recovery a wonderful event! Hundreds of people joined us on Saturday, September 22nd on the Waltham Common to learn more about recovery from mental health conditions and addiction while listening to the music of "The Grateful Friends", "Jay B" and "Ramblin' Dan Martin".

The event also included arts and crafts, "Flippo" the Juggling Clown and Magician, a pumpkin patch, face painting, lots of delicious food and information and resources about mental health. A great time was had by all!"

Ellen Attaliades,
CEO, The Edinburg Center
Lexington, MA


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