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Flippo the Jugglin' Clown offers three fun categories of entertainment for all of your special event needs: The 1-Hour Birthday Party, 1½ Hour Birthday Party and 2-Hour Birthday Party Show, The Walk-A-Round and The Juggling & Magic Show. To book a party or event, call 1-888-FLIPPO-5 (508-845-1458 locally) or e-mail flippotheclown@yahoo.com.

Birthday Parties

1-Hour Birthday Party Show


The show kicks off with a clown comedy skit using the "Talking Keyboard". After Flippo plays Happy Birthday on the keyboard to the birthday child, numerous special birthday wishes come chanting out simultaneously from all the imaginary keyboard dwellers.

The manipulation of juggling props such as balls, clubs, spinning plates, bowls & basins follow, all done to very specific songs. Here, the birthday child gets the opportunity to demonstrate his or her circus skills by spinning the Magical Spinning Basin to a Star Wars accompaniment. These high-energy juggling antics lead the kids into an equally exciting magic show employing several anxious volunteers to make the magic happen!

The focus throughout the show is naturally on the birthday child; it being his/her very special day.


The last section of the show involves some really extensive and detailed balloon twisting. The children choose from 75 different animals, or hats, hearts, flowers, etc. for Flippo to twist for them at lightning fast speed. The show concludes with a deluxe balloon sculpture for the birthday child.

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1½-Hour Birthday Party Show

And for the 1 and 1/2 hour Birthday Party Show Flippo either does Face-Painting OR gets the kids laughing hysterically with a very amusing game called "Pass the Club" (based on the game of Musical Chairs) where EVERY child gets a prize and the winner gets the Blue Ribbon along with a very SPECIAL deluxe prize! The choice between the Face-Painting or the game is yours!

2-Hour Birthday Party Show

Here we have everything in the 1-hour Birthday Party, plus in the second hour: Flippo does face-painting for all the kids and then has them all participate in either indoor or outdoor games, with prizes for EVERYONE!


The Walk-A-Round

This is structured to supply entertainment for company or family outings/picnics, store promotions, grand openings, fairs, festivals, parades or anything that will not have a designated sit-down audience. Here the focus is on the interacting and mingling with the crowd; presenting juggling antics, pocket magic, balloon sculptures, and lots and lots of laughs! -All done in an informal, indoors or outdoors setting or atmosphere.

(Often times performed in conjunction with the juggling & magic show)

Flippo and the Juggling and Magic Show

This is a 45-50 minute high-energy performance of World-Class Juggling with Magic incorporated throughout. Both the Juggling and the Magic are made suitable for the particular age group ranging from ages 2 to 102.


The Juggling of a 13 lb. 10-pin bowling ball, along with an egg and a toilet plunger, or maybe the eating of an apple while juggling an assortment of fruit, are impressive feats that are appreciated by all ages! The balancing of items upon the chin such as 16 foot high extended Spinning Basins... or standard ironing boards... or even bowls of whole milk hovering above the crowd, only to disappear into thin air, are all antics which leave the audience in astonishment!

Flippo demonstrates 3, 4, and 5 ball juggling patterns, but his NEWEST, most innovative work of art is his unique "JUG-A-LOG"! This is a dialogue spoken while Juggling, implementing the names of the juggling "tricks" or variations into some very entertaining story-telling; truly an original creation of juggling design!

The show, which is full of audience participation, exhibits versatility such as Ukulele Sing-A-Longs, Mime, Plate, Bowl, and Basin Spinning, and Parasol and Ball Manipulation. Groups ranging from 10 to 500 in number have thoroughly enjoyed the show since the early 1990's!

(Often times performed in conjunction with the Walk-A-Round.)

All New: Customer Service Motivational Jug-A-Log

1 Hour

Flippo has done it again! Oh, please read on..........
Are you in touch with the "vibes" at work? Do you feel that relations between your co-workers and/or customers could use some improvement? I'll put my money on "YES!", not just regarding YOUR workplace but the majority of workplaces throughout the country. The reason why, is simple. These places are full of human beings, all who are, in fact, imperfect. The clashing of beliefs, values, opinions, personalities, and the like often times present an equation of stress, discomfort, and unease. Read more.

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